PolypFarm Wholesale Pick


PolypFarm wholesale pick

PolypFarm Wholesale Pick
Several times a year, we offer our customers the opportunity to order their desired animal from Wholesale through us.
For all current information, prices and delivery times, please contact us by E-Mail or WhatsApp


DeJong Marinelife

De Jong Marinelife is Europe’s leading supplier of marinelife, supplying aquatic stores and public aquaria. All animals at De Jong Marinelife are completely acclimated and free of any diseases or parasites. This translate itself in the supply of healthy animals in a perfect condition.

You can find the current Stock at: https://shop.dejongmarinelife.nl
Next Order: To be announced (ETA: to be announced)



The AMBLARD company specialises in the sale of fish, invertebrates and aquatic plants for marine and tropical aquariums. Sale is reserved for professionals such as retailers (pet shops, garden centres, etc…), wholesalers, importers or public aquariums.

You can find the current Stock at: E-Mail/WhatsApp us
Next Order: To be announced (ETA: start/mid April 2022)


Tropical Marine Center

Tropical Marine Centre (TMC) has been Europe’s leading supplier of quality marine fish and invertebrates to the ornamental trade since 1970, importing more than 1800 species of livestock from 26 countries around the world.

You can find the current Stock at:https://www.tropicalmarinecentre.com/en/tmc/livestock
Next Order: To be announced (ETA: To be announced)

WYSIWYG Coral Wholesale

WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Coral Wholesale.
A Wholesale Company that only provides high quality aquacultured Corals.
You can find the current Stock at: E-Mail/WhatsApp us
Next Order: To be announced (ETA: mid/end June 2022)